Monday, 8 July 2013

Casio DW-6600

Althoug not really issued to the military, but the watch DW-6600 was very common time keeping seen on soldier wrist, back in 94. the watch is known for its durability and accurate as most digital watches are. the watch has equipped with back EL.
I think casio should consider to re-issued this simple and yet clear functional digital watch.
Its cheap and take the beaten !

Monday, 1 July 2013

Eterna Kontiki Super

This is an Eterna Kontiki Super dive watch issued to members of Shayetet 13, the Israel Defense Force(IDF)'s elite Naval Commando unit. Like any other special forces units, S'13 members must under go a rigorous training phase that lasts nearly a year and eight months. Many drop out during the initial training phase and only those who have successfully completed the entire training program are issued with the watch along with much coveted crest of the unit. The members then go on to perform much of IDF Navy's Special Warfare missions. The particular watch presented here is believed to be dated to late 1960s during which S'13 engaged in covert ops such as the Green Island Raid.